Himcapes Institute college nursing

  • The students shall abide by the rules of dress code prescribed by the H1MCAPES' School of Nursing from time to time.
  • The student shall have to strictly follow time table of the School of Nursing.
  • The student coming late or leaving the school before teaching hours shall be liable for indiscipline and shall be punished for his/her act of indiscipline under the rules and regulations of the HIMCAPES' School of Nursing.
  • A student involved in the violation of any of the rules and regulations of the School of Nursing or in any way involved in any act of indiscipline, may be placed on conduct probation by the Principal of the School of Nursing. If a student who has been on conduct probation on the previous occasion, commits an act of indiscipline, he/she shall be expelled from the School of Nursing .
  • There shall be no ragging in and outside the campus of the  School of Nursing and also on roads/approaches leading to the School of Nursing. Any student who aids or abets such an act shall be guilty of ragging and liable to be expelled from the School of Nursing.
  • If a student is found directly or indirectly indulging in ragging, the Principal, after enquiry, if satisfied, shall have power to expel the guilty student(s) from the School of Nursing.
  • A student who is expelled from the School of Nursing shall not be allowed to appear in any examination during the academic year in which he/she is expelled.


  • be respectful to teachers, staff members and the management of HIMCAPES;
  • be appropriately dressed in uniform for classes;
  • keep the campus clean and pollution free;
  • take pride in being an alumni of HIMCAPES' School of Nursing and aim for excellence;
  • be extremely regular as well as punctual in all classes;
  • treat HIMCAPES' property with utmost care and help in its upkeep; and
  • not participate in any political, anti-national, anti-social or undesirable activity in or outside the campus.

The HIMCAPES' School of Nursing insists on high standard of discipline from the students for enhancing the status and reputation of this centre in Nursing education. The Principal may, in consultation with other faculty members, lay down, from time to time, norms and standards for student behaviour. The Principal shall be the final authority to take necessary action in case of violation of the rules and regulations specified by the Institute or directions issued from time to time.