Himcapes Institute college nursing

Sr. NoName of Society><

 Sr. No. Name of the Society
1 The Jhallan CAS Ltd. Jhallan, Tehsil Nadaun, Hamirpur. (H.P)
2 The Bhira CAS Ltd. Distt. Hamirpur.(H.P)
3 The Raunkher CAS Ltd. Talmera, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una
4 The Baijnath CAS Ltd. Baijnath, Tehsil Baijnath, District Kangra. (H.P)
5 The Badagram CAS Ltd. Badagram, Tehsil Badsar, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
6 The Chillian CAS Ltd. Jalari, Tehsil Nadaun, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
7 The Bara CAS Ltd. Bara Tehsil Nadaun, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
8 The Rangas CAS Ltd. Rangas, Tehsil Nadaun Hamirpur. (H.P)
9 The Baldooh CAS Ltd. VPO Putdyal, Tehsil Nadaun Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
10 The Sunehra CAS Ltd. Tehsil Fatehpur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
11 The Banda CAS Ltd. Tanoh, Tehsil Bangana, Distt.Una.
12 The Dharamsala Urban Co.operative thrift &credit Society Ltd; P/o Dharamshala, Tehsil, Distt. Kangra. (H.P).
13 The Bhira CAS Ltd. P.O Vachwain, Palampur, Tehsil Palampur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
14 The Harsar CAS Ltd. Harsar, Tehsil Nurpur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
15 The Dhaniri Harsi CAS Ltd. Harsi, Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
16 The Dhar Chatotrian CAS Ltd. Jagal Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
17 The Kuhan CAS Ltd. P.O.Lahroo Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
18 The Saloh CAS Ltd. Saloh Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
19 The Upper Lahla CAS Ltd. Hangloh Palampur, Tehsil Palampur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
20 The Khas Lahla CAS Ltd. Lahla Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
21 The Mair CAS Ltd. Mair, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
22 The Himachal Printing and Pubsishing Co-op Society, Dharamshala, Tehsil Dharamshala, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
23 The Mahadev CAS Ltd. Dhaneta Tehsil Palampur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
24 The Kaloond Tenent CAS Ltd. Chachian Tehsil Palampur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
25 The Bhadsali Tenent CAS Ltd. Bhadsali, Tehsil & Distt. Una.
26 The Bhadsali Khas CAS Ltd. Bhadsali, Tehsil & Distt. Una.
27 Ms Shalini Verma C/O Police Colony, Hamirpur (H.P)
28 The Pangna Gram CAS Ltd. Pangna Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi. (H.P)
29 The Badhera CAS Ltd. Badhera, Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una.
30 The Pathiar CAS Ltd. Pathiar Tehsil & Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
31 The Sehwan Paniyar CAS Ltd. Sehwan Tehsil Shahpur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
32 The Salli CAS Ltd. Salli, Tehsil & Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
33 The Sainsowal CAS Ltd. Sainsowal Tehsil Haroli, Distt. Una.
34 The Dohab CAS Ltd. Dohab Tehsil Shahpur, Distt.Kangra. (H.P)
35 The Chalet CAS Ltd. Chalet Tehsil Amb, Distt. Una
36 The Jia CAS Ltd. Jia Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
37 The Chachian CAS Ltd. Chachian, Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
38 The Gaggal CAS Ltd. Gaggal Tehsil, Palampur Distt.Kangra (H.P)
39 The Bhawaran Alias Gangruhi CAS Ltd. Panjoa, Tehsil Amb, Distt. Una.
40 The Bari Khappar Nala CAS Ltd. Bane-De-Hatti, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
41 The Nanaon CAS Ltd. Nanaon, Tehsil Palampur, Distt. Kangra, H.P. (H.P)
42 The Rait Block Employees Salary Earner Society Ltd. Rait, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
43 The Lathiani CAS Ltd. Lathiani, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una.
44 The Har CAS Ltd. Punner Tehsil Palampur, Distt. Kangra.(H.P)
45 The Matialka CAS Ltd. Ambota Tehsil Amb Distt. Una.
46 The Ispur CAS Ltd. Ispur Tehsil & Distt. Una.
47 The Pandoga CAS Ltd. Pandoga, Tehsil & Distt. Una.
48 The Tiara CAS Ltd. Tiara, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
49 The Rajiana Kholi CAS Ltd. Wagli Tehsil Dharamsala, Distt Kangra. (H.P).
50 The Wagli CAS Ltd. Wagli Tehsil Dharamsala, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
51 The Mataur Bhadwal CAS Ltd. Mataur, Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
52 The Ichhi Gaggal CAS Ltd. Ichhi Tehsil, Palampur Distt. Kangra. (H.P)
53 The Ispur Sharki CAS Ltd Ispur, Tehsil & Distt. Una.
54 The Baul CAS Ltd. Khurwain, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una.
55 The Kotla CAS Ltd. Kotla Dhogi, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una. H.P.
56 The Ambehra CAS Ltd. Ambhera, Tehsil Bangana, Distt.
57 The Baslehar CAS Ltd. Bhalaun, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una.
58 The Badhera Cho-reclamation Society Ltd. Badhera, Tehsil Haroli, Distt Una.
59 Refunded
60 Refunded
61 The Institute of Security, Sanctity Management & Defence (SESAME) Dhaneta, Distt. Hamirpur. H.P.
62 The Chamiana CAS Ltd. Chamiana Tehsil Sujanpur, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
63 The Karot CAS Ltd. Karot, VPO Karot, Distt. Hamirpur.(H.P)
64 The Patlander CAS Ltd, Hamirpur , Distt. Hamirpur.(H.P)
65 The Balduhak CAS Ltd. Tehsil Nadaun Distt. Hamirpur.
66 The Gahillian CAS Ltd. Gahli, Kohlwin, Tehsil Naduan, Distt. Hamirpur.
67 The Guryah CAS Ltd. Guryah, Distt. Hamirpur (H.P)
68 The Kakriar CAS Ltd. Kakriyar, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
69 The Chounri CAS Ltd. Chounri Tehsil Sujanpur, Distt. Hamirpur (H.P)
70 The Sujanpur Brahmma CAS Ltd. Sujanpur Tihra, Distt. Hamirpur. (H.P)
71 The Baduha CAS Ltd. Baduha, Po. Sohari Tehsil Bangana Distt. Una (H.P)
72 The Nangal Khurd CAS Ltd. Nangal Khurd, Tehsil Haroli,Distt. Una (H.P)
73 The Beri Saloh CAS Ltd. Tehsil Amb, Distt. Una. (H.P)
74 The Raipur Tarf Rana CAS Ltd. Raipur, Tehsil Amb Distt. Una. (H.P)
75 The Pirthipur CAS Ltd. Pirthipur, Tehsil Amb Distt. Una (H.P)
76 The Gondpur Jaichand CAS Ltd. VPO Gonspur Jaichandi, Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una.
77 The Lalri CAS Ltd. VPO Lalri, Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una.
78 The Manuwal CAS Ltd. VPO. Manuwal, Tehsil Haroli Distt.Una. (H.P)
79 The Singan CAS Ltd. VPO. Singan, Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una. (H.P)
80 The Mubarikpur CAS Ltd. VPO Mubarikpur, Tehsil Amb Distt. Una (H.P)
81 The Amlehar Jadeed CAS Ltd. VPO. Nakron, Tehsil- Amb Distt. Una (H.P).
82 The Hatli CAS Ltd. Hatli, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una (H.P)
83 The Bhalaun Bharmar CAS Ltd. VPO Bhalaun, Tehsil Bangana Distt. Una (H.P)
84 The Baduha CAS Ltd. Baduha, Po. Sohari Tehsil Bangana Distt. Una (H.P)
85 The Kuthera Kherla CAS Ltd. VPO Kuthera Kherla, Tehsil, Amb Distt. Una
86 The Badoh Bhaderkali CAS Ltd. Tehsil Amb, Distt. Una (H.P)
87 The Tabba CAS, VPO Tabba, Tehsil & Distt. Una (H.P) (Refunded)
88 The Talai LS CAS Distt. Bilaspur (H.P)
89 The Chhaproh-Kalan CAS, VPO Chhaproh-Kalan, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una (H.P).
90 The Baruhi, CAS, VPO Baruhi, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una (H.P).
91 The Raipur Madain, VPO Raipur Madain, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una (H.P).
92 The Chauki Maniar, CAS, VPO Chauki Mainar, Tehsil Bangana, Distt. Una (H.P).
93 The Kadh Coop Agri Service Society Kadh, Tehsil Amb, Distt. Una (H.P).
94 The Santokhgarh Co-op Agri Service Society, Una (H.P).
95 The Heeran Nagar Co-op Agri Service Society
96 The Sombhadra Catering and Hospitality Coop , Service Society (Soch) Ltd. Badhera, Tehsil Haroli, Una (H.P).